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A brief introduction af video microscope

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
What is a video microscope? Video microscope, also called television microscope, optical microscope, it is a microscope to see the real image through d/a conversion, make its image with a microscope or a computer screen. Autofocus video microscope, is on the function of video microscope coupled with an autofocus function. Video microscope is advanced optical microscope technology, the advanced photoelectric conversion technology, liquid crystal screen technology perfectly together and the successful development of a high-tech product development. Thus, we can study of micro field from the traditional ordinary eyes were observed on the display, so as to improve the working efficiency. Have microscopic camera function, to observe the microscopic effect of preserved, form a graphic file, comparing to related departments; The ordinary microscope can only through the eyepiece, microscopic camera can't; Connect with computer, and can realize many people watch at the same time; The ordinary microscope can only one observation; Through the computer screen preview, can reduce the eye fatigue; Ordinary microscope requires every moment through the eyepiece, easy to cause eye fatigue; Digital microscope imaging device can be measured, printing graphic reports, videos, and other functions; The ordinary microscope can only simple microscopic observation, Digital microscope is a new era for the development of modern scientific instruments and meters, has the function of no many ordinary microscope. It in scientific research, product testing, teaching demonstration, archaeology has a rapid development. Video microscope used in what place? What thing can detect observation? Video microscope amplification effect is used to observe to observe things, is commonly used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, hardware, plastic and other industries, can detect many things, such as: mold, screw, metal, accessories, rubber, PCB, spring, hardware, electronics, plastics, etc.
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