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A common problem of machine vision light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
The rational use of machine vision light source can be different colors as chromatographic products better presented in the form of pictures, and be able to let the machine put the pictures of the product and difference comparison, thus accurate detection of product quality. So in the process of top machine vision lighting use what common problems bothering you? The following answer for you one by one. 1, what kind of light controller are there? Machine vision lighting controller can make its better to detect objects in lighting, so as to make the product testing to get the best effect. In general, light controller has the following several kinds: analog controller and digital controller and high-power analog controller, in addition there are analog and digital controller for linear light source. Etc. Have some functional differences between each type of controller, so according to the actual need to choose. 2, rough surface light source or reflective object should be used? If you need to test the surface is rough, so when selecting a machine vision lighting, should be used with diffuse reflection effect is coaxial light source and the visual light source, doing so will help keep the light on the surface of the object more even and imaging effect thereby more clear; If need to detect surface can be reflective object, it should use bright field source, it can avoid the surface of object to be tested for light reflex. 3, the shape of the light source and size should be how to choose? Machine vision light source consists of square bar, round the three forms, generally should choose the shape of analyte and consistent light source, but the final choice results or to the test results shall prevail. At the same time should pay attention to when choosing size of light source, be sure to guarantee light evenly throughout the test field of vision, slightly bigger than the view is beautiful. The above is the use of machine vision light of several common problems and their solutions. Hope can through answering questions for these common problems can let everybody know more about machine vision lighting, because only fully understand the various of machine vision lighting effect and adaptability as well as the applicable scope, to better use of its efficient products for testing.
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