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And long optical core have jointly developed AI temperature measuring system - 经前综合症, AI025D

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Data at present, the new crown pneumonia outbreak in gradually decline, companies are gradually return to work and production of provinces and cities, and to prevent the epidemic spread again, companies need to do a good job in prevention and control plan, although temperature anomaly is not a new crown pneumonia confirmed the essential characteristics, but the temperature detection is still the epidemic prevention and control of the first crossing. Traditional thermometer, the forehead temperature measurement tools such as gun may increase the risk of infection due to the contact measurement, to improve the detection efficiency and security, in the X-ray Vision visual AI SDK combined on the basis of long light core have successfully developed intelligent temperature measuring face recognition system - 经前综合症, AI025D, help protect employees' health. High - — High precision + 0. 2 pm - AI025D can be effectively regional temperature intelligent detection, temperature measurement error control in + 0. 2 ℃, when the temperature more than 37. Will automatically alarm when 2 ℃. Wide - — 2 - Measurement can be in 2 to 6 m group Non-contact temperature measuring more than 6 meters long, make the equipment monitor and usage scenario is more flexible. Fast - — 0. On the speed of 1 second extreme temperature detection, single temperature measuring speed is less than zero. 1 second, and face masks intelligent identification function, meet the demand of temperature detection and attendance at the same time, also people measured at the same time, improve the efficiency of personnel to traffic, avoid cross infection such as fingerprint puncher in line. PMS - products have been applied to the instance AI025D intelligent temperature measuring system can be deployed in various organs of unit, enterprise factory, transportation hub, hospital, school and other kinds of crowded scene, the scene of the professional and technical personnel and debugging, 1 staff to monitor implementation, equipment can use the system startup, indoor environment can work 7 * 24 h, the temperature measurement data storage backup automatically, and light and long core have moments have after-sales personnel on-site or remote services, to provide a solid guarantee for disease prevention and control. At present domestic epidemic data is on the decline, but foreign data, the growing danger still exists, still need to strengthen prevention, in addition to make public security protection, personal protection can not lax, is to contribute to the state's own safety, wuhan, come on! China refuels! Total stay bloomy spring!
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