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Bar light application

Bar light application


Since the strip light source has extremely high brightness, excellent light stability, and extremely uniform characteristics of the light source, and has a long service life, the size can be arbitrarily cut, and the convenience of any installation, the field of use thereof is very wide. But mainly in the following areas:


1. For the inspection of the appearance of the item and the inspection of the surface of the package and the external text of the package. Usually, the strip light source is used to check whether the appearance of the item is damaged or dirty, whether the item is packaged well, or even more detailed inspection of the ink level and integrity of the external text of the package, so that the refined product can be obtained on the merchandise rack. Favor.


2. For detecting commodity bills, outbound bills, financial application bills or detecting barcodes as commodity labels. Now, bills and barcodes are applied to all aspects of our lives. For example, when shopping, the product labels are in the form of barcodes, and the supermarket goods will have bills. Therefore, the detection of merchandise bills, outbound bills, financial application bills, and barcodes as merchandise labels is particularly important. The strip light source can carefully check the integrity of the surface characters of the ticket and the clarity of the barcode.


3. For the detection of large-sized metal surfaces, metal gaps. The strip light source can detect defects of large-size liquid crystal panels, and its ideal light source can detect scratches and breakage on the surface of the product.


Here we mainly explore the main application areas of strip light source. In addition, the strip light source can also be used to detect the correctness of various connector surfaces and connector terminals, to detect the damage of wrap film and so on. The characteristics of the strip light source determine that the application range of the strip light source is not limited to this, so professional design researchers are constantly improving and improving the strip light source.