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Briefly describes the importance of parallel coaxial light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Machine vision is used to detect objects, good quality parallel coaxial light source is particularly important. Although natural sunlight belong to diffuse the light in the morning, at noon belongs to hard light and both the light can be used for surface inspection. But the sun as the light Angle is fixed, the uncertainty of the light intensity, cannot be used in production testing, so the machine visual inspection will be equipped with movable parallel coaxial light source, in the form of by controlling the light irradiation, to achieve the purpose of dealing with all kinds of object detection. When the product through a complex process, finally came to detect link, need efficient ways of repeatable tests. Human eye visual check not only has all kinds of visual blind spot, also prone to error, for this machine vision to become the most appropriate choice instead. No suitable light source to illuminate, object machine vision cannot work normally. We in TV production, for example, when television products from the assembly line after the assembly, in addition to the inspection of television, the most important is to test whether the television screen. Difficult to determine the quality of black LCD screen to the naked eye, at this point that you need to use the parallel coaxial light projection TV screen. Parallel coaxial light belongs to high brightness diffuse light, when the diffuse light projected on a TV screen, the overall structure of the TV screen will present in the machine vision, if appear problems such as disordered arrangement of scratches and LCD screen, can be clear in the machine vision. With the general light black screen TV, LCD TV screen can produce hard reflection effect, like a mirror reflecting the lights in the machine vision, unable to identify the details. Don't need to say more, the necessity of machine vision and trusted parallel coaxial light source and machine vision supplement each other, both are indispensable. In addition to the routine use of methods, parallel coaxial light source can be used as independent lighting light source, can be used according to specifications and match filter and through filter illuminate a colored light, suitable for a detailed inspection of special products.
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