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Characteristics and application fields of high working distance light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Working distance light source which has been widely applied because of its high, because was known by many people. But there are still some people don't know it, such as its characteristics and its application field, etc. In order to let the customers can have a comprehensive knowledge of it, let's simple analysis for everyone under high working distance the characteristics of the light source and its application field, specific content as follows: firstly, the characteristics of high working distance light source, high working distance light of the circular light it is high brightness LED array; Second, it has a variety of light Angle and can be customized, by a variety of size and arbitrary Angle to the center of radiation; Third, can be equipped with different light transmittance of ragtime, in order to increase the uniformity of the light source; In the end, the ring light source and wave soldering process, easy installation, compact design. These characteristics are that the first-class high working distance light source has a very high practical value and professionalism. Second, the high popularity in the application of the working distance of the light source high working distance light source, can be widely used in many areas. PCB substrate, for example, inspection, general appearance and microscope lighting defect inspection, product testing, product packaging, IC components character and appearance inspection. When you use the ring light source iron aluminum foil surface glue, edge detection to detect target for silver foil plastic ironing, if plastic nearly transparent, with no light path, it is difficult to differentiate plastic membrane filter and clear. But with high working distance light source can be solved easily. At present it has covers industrial, military, aerospace, meteorology, astronomy and scientific research and other industries of national economy. With the rapid development of science and technology of China, the working distance light source and the high effective application. Along with China's gradually become a global manufacturing processing center, its corresponding advanced production line and high standards of parts processing, make the technology more and more important in China. Believe that with the constant innovation of technology, high working distance of the light source can be used in the future will be more widely, it will walk into homes, is closely related to People's Daily life.
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