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Coaxial light application

Coaxial light application


The coaxial light source is a kind of light source device which is equipped with a coaxial light source by a semi-reflective glass installed inside, so that the light can be totally reflected by the object after being totally reflected to the object, and the detection system equipped with the coaxial light source can be effective. The ground simulates the diffuse reflection of natural light and the reflection state of hard light. Coaxial light sources generally have the following application advantages over conventional light source devices:


What are the application advantages of coaxial light sources?

First, the image. The high-quality coaxial light source is equipped with a half filter and diffuse reflection glass to effectively reduce the loss of light during reflection. Therefore, the use of a coaxial light source for machine vision detection can effectively receive the vision of the illuminated object. The image and the surface condition and unevenness of the object are clearly visible.


Second, astigmatism. Another important advantage of a coaxial light source over conventional machine vision detection sources is that it greatly reduces astigmatism during use. The hot-selling coaxial light source is specially equipped with a professional optical plastic film during the design process, and the astigmatism can be avoided and reduced by the plastic film once the illumination is emitted in a certain direction during use.


Third, the ghost. Coaxial light sources can effectively avoid ghosting and dead zone phenomena that are easy to occur in traditional light sources during use. This is because the design and illumination principle of the high-density collinear combination used by the coaxial light source can be better distributed and cover the whole field under the same illumination intensity, so the coaxial light source can also be used in the mirror processing under certain circumstances. The presence and severity of scratches are detected.


Compared with the traditional illumination source, the coaxial light source has significant application advantages in terms of illumination effect, astigmatism phenomenon and ghost phenomenon. Choosing a high-quality coaxial light source not only provides customers with light source models for a variety of equipment and various lighting applications, but also provides excellent service to customers during pre-sales consultation and after-sales maintenance.