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Coaxial source how to choose

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
As now in intelligent equipment indispensable source tools - — In coaxial light source, high intensity of reflective products plays an important role. Through spectroscope manufactured coaxial light source for reflective strong sex object has a very significant role, therefore it can erase objects on the surface of the rough interference factors. So the choose and buy good quality coaxial light source need to consider what factors? 1, contrast coaxial light contrast is very important, the most important tasks on the application of the coaxial lighting is characteristic of observation and image characteristics between, must have the greatest contrast coaxial light source to easily distinguish features. Contrast is defined as the characteristic and the surrounding area, the difference between good lighting should be able to ensure that the function of the need to detect can highlight the background. 2, when the light is not bright brightness, there might be three kinds of adverse conditions. First, SNR not enough exposure is unlikely to be enough brightness, contrast images can not reach a certain height of image noise increases as well. Second, coaxial the brightness of the light source is not enough, must increase the aperture to reduce the depth of field, and when the coaxial the brightness of the light source is not enough, the largest natural light and random light effect of the system. 3, the uniformity of the uniformity of coaxial light source is a very important technical parameter, make the system stable. 4, longevity and calorific value in not easy aging fast coaxial light source will affect the stability of system, rapid attenuation of the heat lamp life will be badly affected. 5, maintainability is easy to install, easy to change, is a big advantage of coaxial light source. Coaxial light source can be inspection on strong reflective reflective object, it is the human eye or other light source can not do, coaxial light source has an irreplaceable role. So when the choose and buy, the choose and buy the best quality products, allows you to use for a long time to buy goods on the net is, however, we can not be very good to judge a good product, but the high evaluation of coaxial light quality will not be too bad.
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