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Coaxial source of surface defect inspection technology

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Good quality coaxial light than traditional light more even, can improve the accuracy and repeatability of the machine vision. On the plane to illuminate, glossy surface can detect obstacles to the uneven surface, so the coaxial light source is often used in the detection of surface reflective strong sex objects. Coaxial light surface defect detection technology replaces the traditional manual testing, at the same time, with increased efficiency test results more accurate. In the process of the traditional industrial production, science and technology development in the limited state, the low degree of automation, product appearance defect inspection method is using artificial detection. This method is aimed at the limitations of artificial restrictions and outdated technology, not only check the production speed is slow and the effect is low, prone to errors in the process of testing at the same time, leading to detect uncertainty is strong. Applications in artificial test methods cannot satisfy the production requirements and production set up temporary generated, using the high evaluation of coaxial light source detection is good enough to overcome these problems, the commonly used surface defect detection system to provide the high quality of production enterprises, factory production development and the creation of intelligent automation industry. Now, with the computer technology, artificial intelligence and so on the emergence and development of science and technology, as well as the deep thinking of coaxial light source, based on the coaxial light appearance defect detection technology arises at the historic moment. The emergence of this technology, the effect of greatly improving the production operation, because of the operating environment, inspection entity and the effect of subjective reasoning can better appearance defects inspection more accurately, quickly identify the product appearance defects. Especially artificial difficult to check the highly reflective objects, such as metal, glass, film, crystal scratches the surface of the inspection, such as coaxial light source can be fast and efficient testing, solving the defects caused by manufacturing process, make our products more perfect. A product defect detection coaxial light source technology belongs to the appearance, insist on using computer visual simulation of visual effect, image acquisition and processing, from the concrete physical calculation, the ultimate reality check. Appearance defects detection is an important part of coaxial light detection, correct detection level directly affect the quality of the final product.
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