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Collimated coaxial light application

Collimated coaxial light application


Parallel coaxial light source adopts advanced semi-lens design, so that the brightness of the passing light source is not attenuated, its light source attenuation rate is low, and the loss of parallel coaxial light source is less during light reflection, which can make the brightness uniform and direct. According to the needs, the parallel coaxial light source can also change the direction in a special way, the range of diffused illumination, the application range is:


1. Mark point detection


Parallel coaxial light source can be used in the field of welding positioning, and can be used for mark mic point detection. At present, the use of the placement machine is more and more widespread, the operation of the artificial patch is complicated, and the efficiency is low, and the parallel point source light mark detection can be used. Greatly improve efficiency and increase the accuracy of the patch. Parallel coaxial light source calibration plays a big role in the mark field.


2. QR code scanning


Parallel coaxial light source also has a wide range of applications in the field of two-dimensional code scanning. It can gather the decomposed two-dimensional code light source to make it focus detection, and the parallel coaxial light source two-dimensional code detection has high precision.


3. Interval detection


Parallel coaxial light source is also used for pitch detection. It is one of the most accurate methods for distance detection in China. Its pitch detection error is below 0.1 meters, such as floor spacing detection and product spacing detection.


4. Chip character check


Parallel coaxial light sources also play a role in the field of chip character inspection, which can efficiently check the area and accuracy of characters by the height of the light source.


5. Edge damage detection


The parallel coaxial light source can be used for edge damage detection. It can detect the damaged shape area by using light reflection and different light lengths.


6.Illuminant detection

Illuminant detection is one of the most widely used fields of parallel coaxial light sources. The type of illuminant and the brightness of the illuminant can be checked according to the width of the illuminating area and the difference in illuminating color.


The above is the application of parallel coaxial light source in various fields, its long service life, and the calibration can be made more scientific through the analog controller. In addition, the ambient temperature of the parallel coaxial light source is not particularly limited, from the freezing point temperature. It can be safely used up to 50 °C without special protective equipment.