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Common Problems of Machine Vision Light Source

Common Problems of Machine Vision Light Source


The reasonable use of machine vision light source can present the product in the form of pictures better through different color temperature chromatography, and can allow the machine to compare and contrast the actual product and pictures, so as to accurately detect the product quality. So what are some of the common problems that plague the use of state-of-the-art machine vision light sources?Here are the answers.

1. What kinds of light source controllers are there?The controller of the machine vision light source can make it shine better for the detection objects, so that the detection of products can get the best effect.Generally, light source controller has the following kinds: analog controller, digital controller and high-power analog controller, in addition to linear light source dedicated analog and digital controller.Each controller has some functional differences, so choose based on what you actually need.

2. What light source should be used for objects with rough or reflective surfaces?If the surface of the object to be detected is rough, the coaxial light source and the visual light source with diffuse reflection should be used when selecting the machine vision light source, so that the light on the surface of the object can be more uniform and the imaging effect can be clearer.If the object whose surface can reflect light needs to be detected, the bright field light source should be used to avoid light reflection on the surface of the object under test.

3. How to choose the shape and size of the light source?The light source of machine vision is mainly divided into three forms: square, strip and circle. Generally, the light source with the same shape as the object under test should be selected, but the final selection result should be subject to the test effect.At the same time, it should be noted that when selecting the size of the light source, it must ensure that the light source in the whole detection field of vision is uniform, slightly larger than the field of vision is better.


Above is the use of machine vision light source in a few common questions and their answers.It is hoped that the answers to these common questions will enable us to better understand the first-class machine vision light source, because only by fully understanding the various functions and adaptability of the machine vision light source and the applicable range, can we better use it to conduct efficient detection of products.