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Commonly used industrial camera term and introduction in both Chinese and English

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
Aberration Aberration: adverse effects on the imaging in the optical system. Any design of the optical system to correct all kinds of aberration in a different way, such as spherical aberration and chromatic aberration, vignetting, hui and distortion; AGC automatic gain control: a built-in functions, used to automatically adjust the gain level; ALC control automatic light compensation: a kind of automatic aperture setting, make the body of the bright not affect overall exposure, to the PEAK, Weakening) Direction adjustment, can make the increased sensitivity; Set into AVERADE ( On average) Sensitivity is reduced, when the business is a regular factory Settings. ; Angle of the view Angle of view: view called diagonal Angle perspective of photographic lens, wide-angle lens typically larger perspective; And the Angle of telephoto lens is narrower; Aperture diaphragm: original intention refers to the opening of the lens. Generally refers to control of the lens opening device, to control the amount of light pass through the lens. The size of the aperture can be fixed or variable. The size of the aperture also determines the depth of field, using a smaller aperture ( Such as: 11 F/F / 16) Tend to have larger depth of field; Aspect thewire format than: refers to the Aspect Ratio of footage, general 135 camera picture is 24 x36mm, its format Ratio of 2:3. Aspherical Aspherical lenses: a kind of optical element containing aspheric surface. There are a variety of ways to make the aspherical lenses, such as: die casting molding, spray casting, composite forming and so on. All these process relies on the manufacturing technology of high precision. 关注( 焦遥远) After the focal length: from optical element 2 main points to the focal plane distance; Barrel cylinder lens: installation of lenses and other parts of the bucket structure; BBAR多 涂料:BBAR即广泛的- 带反 REFLECTIVE, meaning wide frequency antireflective, this technique can greatly improve the clarity and color reproduction ability of the lens; The Depth of field, the Depth of field: a focus subject before and after the clear area; The Field of view vision: through the lens to the largest area; Finder viewfinder: the framing device on the camera, through it, the photographer can easily composition; Fixed focal lens: the lens with only single focal length; 定焦( 潘聚焦) Fixed object distance, the lens shooting distance is fixed, does not provide focusing ability; 侧面( 法兰焦距) Intercept positioning: lens installation plane to the focal plane of the distance; F - 号码( F / #) : F, aperture size; Focal length: the lens Focal length; Lens shade: Lens hood; 低色散( LD) Hybrid aspheric element: low dispersion lens, this is a special kind of optical materials, hereinafter referred to as: LD, LD lenses is used to overcome the inherent dispersion phenomenon; Minimun object short: recent focus distance, hereinafter referred to as: the MOD; 从- - - - - - - 电影- - - Metering focal plane metering: this is a kind of advanced metering mode on the camera, photometric components from the focal plane light directly read data; Zoom: Quad CAM 4 zoom CAM mechanism. Vignetting Vignetting: picture 4 Angle of black Angle phenomenon; Wide Angle lens, wide-angle lens.
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