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Displacement sensor is how to choose?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Modern displacement sensor on the principle and structure of differ in thousands ways, according to the specific purpose, object measurement, as well as the measurement environment reasonably selects displacement sensor, is when making a certain amount of measurements to solve the problem in the first place. When the displacement sensor was determined, and matching measuring method and measuring equipment also can be determined. Success or failure of the test results, to a large extent depends on the selection of displacement sensor is reasonable. That how to choose the displacement sensor? 1, according to the object and the measurement environment determine the type of displacement transducer to be - A specific measurement, the first thing to consider what principle of displacement sensor, it needs to analyze various factors to determine. Because, even if it is to measure the same quantities, also are available in a variety of principle of displacement sensor is chosen, which one of the principle of displacement sensor is more appropriate, need according to the characteristics of the measured and the conditions of the use of the displacement sensor consider the following a few specific questions: (1) the size of the range. (2) the measured position of displacement sensor volume requirements; (3) for contact and non-contact measurement mode; (4) signal method, the derivation of the cable or contact measurement; (5) the source of the displacement sensor, domestic or imported, the price can afford, or developing itself. 2, the choice of sensitivity is usually within the scope of the linear displacement sensor, hope that the higher the sensitivity of the displacement sensor, the better. Because only high sensitivity, and the corresponding value of the output signal is measured change to bigger, is advantageous to the signal processing. But note that the displacement sensor is of high sensitivity, has nothing to do with the measured outside noise also is easy to mix, will also be amplified system amplifier, affect measurement accuracy. For sensor itself, therefore, should have high signal-to-noise ratio, all member to reduce incoming interference signals from the outside world. Displacement sensor is a directional sensitivity. When the measurement is a single vector, and the direction the demand is higher, should choose other direction small displacement sensor sensitivity; If the measurement is a multi-dimensional vector, insist on cross sensitivity of displacement sensor is as small as possible. 3, precision, accuracy is an important performance index of the sensor, it is related to the whole measurement system measuring accuracy is an important link. The higher the precision of the sensor, the price is more expensive, therefore, the precision of the sensor as long as can meet the requirements of the precision of measuring system, don't choose too high. Could be satisfied in many of the same measurement purpose sensor selection is cheaper and simple sensor. If measurement purpose is qualitative analysis, choose high repeat precision of sensors, unfavorable choose high precision absolute value; If it is for the sake of quantitative analysis, it is necessary to obtain accurate measurements, we have to choose precision grade can meet the requirements of the sensor.
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