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Double industrial camera lens selection strategy

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Industrial camera lens is divided into object space camera, like industrial camera, dual industrial camera lens, double industrial camera integrated the dual role of party and party like industrial camera. Independent research and development production of industrial camera lens all adopt double industrial camera design. Due to various features of the double industrial camera lens, its production process requirement is very high, industrial camera lens can effectively solve the problems of ordinary lens, so it can be in high precision measurement, measures, measurement, etc. Industrial camera lens is a kind of high-end industry, there are usually more superior image quality, particularly suitable for the application of size measurement. Before we have to know how to choose the suitable industrial camera lens. So, what conditions should use double industrial camera lens? ( 1) When tested object thickness is bigger, need to detect more than one plane, the typical applications such as food, beverage bottle, etc. ( 2) When put the position of the object to be tested is not sure, probably with lens into a certain Angle. ( 3) When jumping up and down in the process of tested object to be tested, such as production line up and down vibration lead to changes in working distance. ( 4) When the belt aperture, object to be tested or three-dimensional objects. ( 5) When you need to low distortion rate, image brightness is almost entirely consistent effect. ( 6) Only when the need to detect the defects in the same direction parallel to the lighting can be detected. ( 7) When need more than precision, such as tolerance to 1 um. Identified using double industrial camera environment, industrial camera and how to choose? According to our engaged in double industrial camera research and development and production experience for many years, only need to pay attention to the following key: ( 1) Compatible with the CCD target surface size. This similar to normal lens choice for industrial camera lens compatible CCD target surface is greater than or equal to the camera target surface of form a complete set, otherwise it will cause the waste resolution. ( 2) Interface type. Industrial camera lenses provide the interface type is similar to ordinary lens, has a mouth, C, F mouth, etc. , as long as to form a complete set of cameras can be used. ( 3) Magnification, or imaging range. When the magnification and the CCD target surface imaging range is determined, and vice versa. ( 4) Working distance. Generally selected cases, more than three working distance have been confirmed in the range of a, the decision is the imaging optical path. Need to be aware of is whether the working distance satisfies the requirement of actual use. ( 5) The depth of field. In front of the satisfy several conditions of use under the premise of the scope of the depth of field, the greater the optical characteristics of industrial camera system, the better, can be used as reference in the selection. To sum up, we have to double industrial camera lens have a certain understanding, if you have to double industrial camera lens selection strategy question, welcome to contact us, we will answer one by one to you.
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