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Factors influencing image quality of optical lens and aberration classification is introduced

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
What are the factors affect the quality of optical lens imaging? Different industrial camera image quality is vary widely, even the same type of industrial camera, too, this is mainly due to the material, machining precision and the structure of the lens caused by different factors, such as, at the same time also lead to different class industrial camera lens price gap from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. For the lens design and manufacturer, OTF (optical transfer function is commonly used in 光学传递函数) To comprehensive evaluation of lens imaging quality of optical system transfer is brightness along the spatial distribution of information, the optical system in the message subject scenery, is passed each spatial frequency of the sine wave signal, the modulation and phase change when into actual like, are a function of spatial frequency, this function is called optical transfer function. Generally speaking, the MTF of the modulation transfer function (OTF 调制传递函数) PTF with phase transfer function ( 相位传递函数) Two parts. Classification of aberration aberration is the important factors influencing the image quality, there are 6 kinds of common optical system aberration. 1, the spherical aberration: from a physical point on the spindle to monochrome cone beam from the optical system, after the refraction optical series, if the original beam different aperture Angle of the light, not to the same location on the main shaft, so that an ideal image plane on the spindle, forming a dispersion spot ( Commonly known as fuzzy rings) This optical system imaging error is called the spherical aberration. 2, poor hui: from the outside of the main shaft one axis object point, to the optical system of monochromatic cone beam, after the series of optical refraction, if reasonable imagine plane can't form a clear point, but the form drag hui star light, bright tail of this optical system imaging error called hui. 3, like: from the outside of the main shaft one axis object point, slice the monochrome cone beam to the optical system, after the refraction optical series, can't form a clear image point, and can only form a diffuse light, this optical system imaging error called astigmatism. 4, a: object perpendicular to the plane of the main shaft by the optical system formed by the clear image, if not a like a plane perpendicular to the main shaft, and in a spindle for symmetric curved surface, namely the best image plane to a surface, then this image error of optical system is called a song. When the focus to the center of images, the image blur around the picture; And when the focus to place around the image clear picture, picture the image of the central place began to blur. 5, color difference: the white object to the optical system with a beam of white light, the optical system after refraction, the light cannot converge on point, and form a color like spot, known as chromatic aberration. The causes of the color is the same the refractive index of optical glass for different wavelength of light, short wave optical refractive index, long wave refractive index is small. 6, distortion: subject plane outside the main shaft of a straight line, after the optical system imaging into curve, then the image error of optical system known as distortion. Geometry distortion aberration affects only image, without affecting the sharpness of the image. This is distortion and spherical aberration, coma makes, astigmatism, and the fundamental difference between a song.
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