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Form a complete set of different industrial camera should be how to choose the light source?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Machine vision systems, industrial camera and a light source need to cooperate to use, can obtain a clearer picture. Different industrial camera should be how to choose the light source? First of all must be 'uniform light', even the meaning of the light is in the position of the vertical distance from the light source the same every bit of the irradiance or light is the same. Contains a number of pixels, image sensor, and characterization of the performance parameters to represent the overall performance of the camera, as a result, each like the same light should give the camera to rule out the differences caused by different illumination. For black and white industrial camera, choose the monochromatic light, and the wavelength of monochromatic light should be CCD/CMOS large quantum efficiency of the corresponding wavelength. This is due to what we're characterization should be the ideal performance of camera, the greater the quantum efficiency, the better the performance. We can choose according to different CCD, monochrome red leds, or green leds. Color camera, choose white, because color camera contains the R, G, B three colors, light source should also include these three kinds of color, so you can use the white LED. Measured in the quantum efficiency is obviously CCD all band average quantum efficiency. Control light sources or light irradiance attachments have dc regulated power supply, aperture. Among them, the dc regulated power supply is used to control for the LED lamp bead voltage ( Or current) To change the emergent light irradiance; And within the diaphragm is located in the integrating sphere, by changing the aperture size, can change the amount of incident light in the integrating sphere and transform the irradiance of the emergent light. Actual test can be to manage through these two approaches.
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