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Gear tests, and industrial telecentric lens of contrast

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Industrial visual inspection, available and ordinary industrial telecentric lens, but it has taken effect difference, today for everyone to see and ordinary industrial telecentric lens in gear of the contrast effect. Telecentric lens gear, due to the characteristic of the telecentric feature, there is no visual error, ensure that made clear edges and outer gear gear of the pore size, the data is true, there is no aperture visible inside and outside diameter distortion phenomenon, don't need to image correction. Ordinary industrial lens gear, due to the visual error exists, namely: the light and imaging of the light is not parallel light design. Lens out of the picture, gear aperture lining is visible, the entire gear along the center bulge, pore diameter and the outer edge data is not real. Need correction, complicated algorithm and filming location deviation, is not the same as the pictures will follow, and because telecentric lens is parallel light design, there is no such problem. Telecentric lens can be within a certain distance, make the image magnification does not change, namely small, won't produce nearly depending the situation on the surface of the measured object is not the same thing is very important to the application.
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