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Highlighting the four characteristics of the ring light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Highlighting the ring light source now has become an important part of the machine vision lighting, especially suitable for long distance shooting lighting occasion. The high-power ring light source adopts the condenser lens, is composed of high power LED lamp array, this combination makes the light more gathered, higher brightness. So what's the main highlight the ring light source characteristics? First relative to the transverse distribution of LED lights, LED the vertical distribution of the vertical distribution of LED two electrodes respectively in LED epitaxial layers on both sides, because all round electrode and P - Type frequency limit as a second electrode layer, make almost all current through the LED epitaxial layer, vertical rarely transverse flow of current, can improve the current distribution of the flat structure, improve the luminous efficiency, also can solve the problem of P of shading, improve the LED light emitting area. The second light uniform circular light source is also known as the astral lamp, LED light source from 360 degrees by means of diffuse uniform irradiation on observed objects, won't produce virtual shadow, can highlight the edge of the object to be tested and height change, high resolution. High brightness with 1-3 3 w high power LED light source, highlight the projection of the circular light source distance, to achieve the effect of long distance, high intensity of illumination. Which highlights the circular light source of high luminous efficiency, maintenance is extremely low, cost-effective. LED light source, light pollution is small, almost no stimulation to the eyes, is now the most ideal light source. Fourth life grow bright ring light LED arrays in this way, can achieve very high density. Due to thermal management intellectualization, the service life of the product is very long, very accord with environmental protection concept now highlighting the ring light source in addition to the main characteristics of the above, but also has the adjustable brightness, low temperature, equilibrium, flicker-free, no shadow, easy installation, etc. Highlighting the ring light source is industrial inspection, machine vision, etc to the preferred source. In the modern decoration, this kind of light source has been widely applied to hotel decoration, large-scale exhibition is decorated in, is helpful to improve the effect of indoor lighting.
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