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How the industrial camera lens selection?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Many friends want to know about the industrial camera selection problem, how the industrial camera lens selection, the following detailed to introduce the lens selection of relevant knowledge. Focal length lens how selection, focal length calculation formula: width = CCD width * shooting distance/CCD focal length width + target width height = CCD height + * shooting distance/CCD target height collocation: lens or camera interface problems, generally speaking, there are C and CS interface, can be asked whether the supplier have a adapter ring. Camera lens collocation, must pay attention to the lens itself can support the camera's SENSOR SIZE, for example: the lens specifications for up to 1/2, 1/3 of the SENSOR, if collocation 1 camera SENSOR, at this time will be black to drop the edge image problem. Working distance is in accordance with the requirements, if there is a working distance limit, refer to the lens specifications, the factors involved in the field erection position. Noun explanation: 1. Long focal length ( 焦距) : the focal length of the lens length is mm measurement unit is the perspective and has a direct relationship. Provide wide Angle short focal length, long focal length to provide a telescopic vision, namely narrow perspective. 2. Camera format ( 相机格式) : the CCD Sensor size may also affect the Angle of view, using the same lens, smaller photosensitive device generates a narrow perspective. The format of the lens ( 格式) Perspective is and is not related, lens is projected images to, within the scope of the photosensitive device also is to be projected on the same or greater format sensitive device. 3. Aperture ( F停止) Said: the lowest F score lens fully open, the maximum value F said lens fitted. F value size also directly affect the lens depth of field. 4. The depth of field ( 景深) The scope of the depth of field said the focus clearly long depth of field said the focus clearly scope is big, short depth of field said the focus clearly scope is small. Wide Angle lens usually have larger than telescopic lens depth of field, high F value also has a larger depth of field. 5. F - NumberF numerical is the quantity of light through the lens. The smaller the value F said by more than the amount of light, the F value is the ratio of long focal length and the effective opening. F number = F/df: focal length, d: effective diameter annotation: working distance ( WD; 工作距离) : generally refers to the lens measured content of the distance to the front. The depth of field ( 景深; 景深) : refers to the object in focus, clear the scope of the mobile. Visual range ( 视场; 的视野) : after camera with lens, the imaging of actual SIZE, formula for FOV = SENSOR SIZE/optical ratio. Lens distortion ( 变形) : general lens in the edge position has deformation problem, CCTV camera, for example, 1) The closer the image among less deformation problem, the closer it gets to the edge of the deformation problems ( 2) The shorter the focal lens, the greater the deformation ( 3) General measure to avoid using short focal lens NA: refers to the lens half Angle of incidence, NA value, the greater the lens brightness is higher. Shanghai optical technology co. , LTD, a professional production and sales of accessories, all kinds of machine vision professional trustworthy, if you have any doubt on the selection, please consult our customer service personnel, to provide you with technical guidance, thank you!
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