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How to build their own knowledge structure system?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
How to build their own knowledge system? This is a big topic, many like thinking and motivated people ask about this problem, is also a lot of people want to know the answer to that question. Small make up summary and construct their own knowledge system about five steps: target, acquire, refining, output, and expand, to disassemble each step below, specific what to do. 1, target: knowledge architecture is a path to reach their goals to acquire knowledge must be in order to solve a problem, or is to satisfy the curiosity of some aspect. Want to solve a problem is in an aim. Despite the goal about constructing knowledge system is a false proposition. In quick buck now, we too hope to find a set of standard answers, it is under the system of Chinese education long-term domestication of thinking inertia, you can not build a knowledge system to beat all the problems in life and work, so the construction of knowledge system must be goal oriented. Have life planning first, and then, a clear goal, in order to achieve the goal, you need to set up corresponding knowledge structure, so the knowledge architecture is a kind of way to achieve your goals, there are a lot of people use mind mapping tools to analyze and organize ideas. In order to achieve the goal, need to know what knowledge and skills, into which professional field, in the professional field, to learn how to classify, into their own knowledge system. How to acquire knowledge, how to absorb the knowledge, how to absorb and how to output, all around the target is very clear, avoid doing this. 2, access: Internet search, look for a person to ask, after the book and make your own goals established, the next step is how to quickly acquire knowledge. The Internet Internet search can be unlimited browsing massive amounts of information, can let you quickly to a problem with a macro cognitive, convenient and make decisions you know the depth of the next reference. Class BBS, can enter the industry community, QQ group of the same hobbies, such as people learn together, learning motivation. Looking for a senior industry RenShi after consult with macro cognitive, the next is to look for professional people for advice, this is the quickest way to build cognitive. If there is no such man friends around you, you can ask senior RenShi on some social BBS, pay is also a good way, good, zhihu live paid platform can learn knowledge, such as general you do homework questions is to get people's response. Buy a book to read is in the process of communicate with people. Book of knowledge is compared commonly system, yet is strong, can understand something system. Can be a quick scan, accuracy, or even read it over and over again, this is to be decided according to the different problems and books, sometimes don't have to have to read a book, the book and you want to issues related to reading is enough. Oneself do not apply to all the knowledge of the scene, the methodology of no can solve all problems, realize the differences between the two is particularly important, and only yourself can you find it. Common knowledge seems to be many, but it is not, a lot of methods, and the answer is in the process of doing own realize. Practice is a deeper understanding and the understanding, is also the biggest respect for knowledge. Like a person in that learning English everyday effect is not obvious, such as a practice, simulated dialogue, effect estimates will be better. 3, refining, eliminate useless and clear logic, modular finishing knowledge as well as the sorting, our brain is a daily through a mobile phone, computer, talk, share, receive all kinds of information and knowledge in the room, if you don't delete the finishing room of knowledge, eliminate chuck some things, for a long time the brain is a mess, even if the knowledge you've learned, you will have a problem can't remember. Here to learn knowledge, eliminate outdated and backward knowledge, clear logic, a detailed classification of the knowledge industry. 4, output: strengthening the process of cognition, association refactoring to strengthen cognitive output is the process of practice, is the process of knowledge into their own knowledge to others, is a process of knowledge from theory to practice. You can't from a practice habits of thinking, and only by constant practice to develop a kind of thinking mode. Knowledge, too, must have to output, that is, sharing, communication and practice knowledge or death, is of no use, through the practice can deepen the understanding of knowledge, communication is not easy to forget. Learning is the input, you how to output? Such as taking notes, writing articles, do share, communication, practice and so on products, this is the output, help strengthen the original knowledge module, and in the process of output, there will be many people to ask questions or communication, it is also a rethink of the existing knowledge module and inspection. From input to output 5, expansion: build systems thinking outside of the boundaries of knowledge, the essence of constructing knowledge system is actually build one instance system thinking, and generally to this step knowledge base has been built, but the mind by a border and a loophole, the five steps above can build logic self-consistent system of knowledge, but also causes only limited by the mind, perhaps is what we call the wall in the mind. Another meaning is after we learn the knowledge of the system, the industry have a certain understanding, learn to extrapolate, instance, by this way of thinking, you can find more business opportunities, may be said lu you's 'kung fu' outside the poem, through improving the thinking system of knowledge, can enrich their own thinking mode faster, let us benefit from the daily work and life. The article from the network, if there is any infringement please contact deleted.
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