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How to choose appropriate industrial camera lens?

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
Industrial camera lens as an important branch of industrial camera, the difference between on the product features and general industrial camera directly determines the unique industrial camera lens selection method. How to choose appropriate industrial camera lens? Manufacturer analysis from several aspects to consider, in general can understand: (the specific use of customer demand 1) The size of the samples - — The camera's field of view ( 2) If there is a limit the size of the installation space requirements, the working distance of the lens - — Lens object distance ( 3) Outside lighting lighting system to consider - — The aperture of the lens ( 4) Assembly line work processes, feeding, filtering and so on - — The shape of the lens size how to choose the suitable industrial camera, customer should first understand industrial camera lens related indexes corresponding to use conditions: ( 1) Object space size - — Shooting range. ( 2) Like the size - — Using CCD target surface size. ( 3) Working distance - — On the surface of object space camera distance the distance of the subject. ( 4) Resolution - — Using CCD pixel size. ( 5) The depth of field - — The range of lens will become clear as. The smaller like/material ratio, the greater the depth of field. ( 6) Interface - — The camera interface, more for C, T interface, etc. Second when choosing industrial camera lens, when should understand the need to select industrial camera lens. According to the principle of industrial camera features and unique advantages, when objects encountered the following six kinds of circumstances, had better choose industrial camera lens: 1) When there is need to detect the thickness of the object ( The thickness & gt; 1/10 FOV diameter) ; 2) Need to detect objects not in the same plane; 3) When the object is not clear what exactly is the distance to the camera; 4) When need to detect belt aperture, three-dimensional objects; 5) When you need to almost completely consistent effect of low distortion, image brightness; 6) Only when the defects can be detected under the same direction parallel illumination. According to the usage ( The resolution of the object size and need) Choose suitable size object party lens and CCD or CMOS camera, at the same time, be like square size, magnification can be calculated, and then according to the product list to choose the appropriate like lens. Also should pay attention to the influence of the depth indicator selection process, because like/material ratio, the greater the depth of field is smaller, in order to get the appropriate depth of field, may also need to choose the lens.
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