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How to choose machine vision lighting?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Today, China is becoming one of the world's most active regions in the development of machine vision, high requirement parts processing and corresponding advanced production line, make many machine vision systems with the international advanced level and application experience also entered China. Then the machine vision light source at the beginning of the user in the choose and buy should have what knowledge, need to know what content? Need to be a master in advance. If you still don't understand these problems, see the below you will be suddenly enlightened, because this article from the perspective of a professional analysis of the consumers' perspective. According to their own needs first, make sure you want to buy which kind of machine vision light source. Because there are a lot of machine vision lighting classification, and different categories may due fields are also different. With considering the need to what effect, need what material, need to be static or dynamic, but also fully considered not suitable for their own work relief, etc. So users when trying to choose, you must make sure what kind of to meet the needs of users. Next, users should learn to discern between machine vision light source. Because the machine vision light source material and the thickness is different, also can produce the effect of different light projection capabilities. Plus is not the same as the wavelength of the light it is different, the penetrating power of the object is different also, so imaging of objects also have certain effect, so gain some knowledge on the wavelength and the imaging is also very necessary. Additional, still should choose to suit their own relatively stable light source. Choose the light source, must choose a stable and uniform irradiation more light, the easy to will be illuminated objects and its background difference more apparent. So that users see imaging, can be more intuitive, also facilitate the user's analysis and detection. In a word, in choosing a machine vision lighting should also consider some additional problems, such as the size of the machine vision lighting and takes up space and performance, not only with the price or any other single condition is negative or buy, because most measures will be more in line with the requirements, the choose and buy the best equipment to speed up the work process. And at the same time, in many ways, and the product quality is uneven in the market, choose wisely to stream.
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