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How to choose the monitor under different use place and Angle the camera lens

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
In the process of video monitoring system design, how to select the camera lens is crucial, and before the camera, if we grasp the relationship between the camera lens and the Angle and distance, so how to choose appropriate surveillance cameras will become easy. Surveillance cameras use place and Angle 1, wide-angle lens: the perspective above 90 degrees, is commonly used in the elevator car trunk, hall and other places of small stadia big Angle of view; The lens generally choose to 2. 8 mm or 2. 5毫米; Camera in more than 60 degrees for 5 * 2, 5 meters place; General choice for the 3 lens. 6MM 4MM; 3, perspective in more than 50 degrees for eight About 10 meters place; Lens general choice for 6 mm; 4, the perspective above 40 degrees for 10 - 18 meters place, lens general choice of 8 mm; 5, Angle of view in the above for 20-30 degrees 30 meters place, lens general choice of 12 mm to 16 mm; 6, perspective in more than 20 degrees to 30 - About 50 meters, lens general choice for 25 mm; 7, the telephoto lens: perspective within 20 degrees, the focal length range from a few millimeters to hundreds of mm, used for remote surveillance; 8, zoom lens, lens focal length of the variable range from wide Angle to telephoto, used for large depth of field, perspective is wide area; 9, pinhole lens: used for covert surveillance. Lens is smaller, the greater the area of monitoring, and the image object is relatively small; The smaller the area of the lens, the greater the control, Narrow) And the relatively large image object.
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