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How to choose the suitable industry lens?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Industrial camera lens selection process, is the industrial camera lens gradually explicit process parameters. As imaging devices, industrial camera lens and light source, camera usually together constitute a complete image acquisition system, so the industrial camera lens choices are restricted by the system requirements. Generally can analysis according to the following several aspects to consider. One, wavelength, zoom whether or not industrial camera work wavelength need zoom is relatively easy to determine down, need to change the magnification of the application in the process of imaging, the zoom lens, otherwise the prime lens is ok. Second, the working distance, the focal length working distance and focal length often combine to consider. The resolution of the first clear system, combining the CCD pixel size can know magnification, coupled with spatial structure constraint can know about the image distance, further estimate the focal length of the camera lens. Three, and the size of the image plane and the image selected industrial camera image plane size to be compatible with digital sensor surface size, follow the principle of 'big compatible with little' - — Digital sensor surface can't exceed lens labeled as dimensions - — Otherwise the image quality is not confirmed at the edge of the field. As qualitative requirements mainly focus on two of MTF and distortion. In measuring application, especially should attach importance to distortion. Four, cost and technical maturity if after the above factors have a number of solutions can meet the requirements, can consider to cost and technical maturity, to weigh the meritocratic selection.
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