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How to choose the suitable light bar

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Strip light source is LED lights closely regularity of distribution in the strip structure, due to its high brightness, high and stable performance, therefore has been widely applied in the detection of the surface of large area. But there are different kinds of light bar, how to choose the right bar light source, you need to first understand the different types of light bar, select the appropriate light bar according to its characteristics. Strip light source according to the different types of LED lights, can be divided into two categories: a, straight inserted type LED light bar; Two, patch type LED light bar. One, into the type of LED light bar as the name implies, upright type LED light bar is made of small Angle LED lamp evenly arranged straight strip off terry, its characteristic is can illuminate objects, direction, and can remain stable and bright light. General use in the detection need dimensional check the label of the text or in needs a stable light to test the paper and bar code. Two, patch type LED bar light is made up of large Angle LED lights closely arranged. Compared with the direct plug-in LED strip light, SMD type LED bar light source the light more even and orderly, high light intensity. Relatively, patch type LED bar light source advantage is obvious: in the case of light and does not affect the light brightness, it more low energy saving heat, at the same time take longer to use. Due to SMT type LED light bar is fully mechanized production, using 'placement machine + reflow' production, which makes it not only can be used as a backlight source, also addressed the LED light source brightness, dark light automatically some general problems. Superiority of patch type LED light bar, relative into the scope of its use for the LED light bar are much wider. It can be used to detect cracks on the surface of the metal, positioning labels such as the daily inspection. To sum up, the bar light source of these two types each have their own purpose and scope of application. So while upright and patch type LED bar light sources are used to test, but if with choice with purchasing, production enterprises must first fully understand the nature of the two types bar light source characteristic, and according to the nature of the production of goods to choose.
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