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How to correctly use parallel coaxial light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
When using the machine vision detection of various kinds of high reflective products, parallel coaxial light rate is extremely high. Strip light while also can be used for inspection of high reflective surfaces, but because of the lack of diffuse reflection effect, if the brightness is too high, can cover the surface of the product defect directly. And parallel coaxial light itself has high brightness, but it can present a high reflective object performance for machine vision defects, etc. So how to correctly use parallel coaxial light source? Trusted parallel coaxial light source is the upgrade version of coaxial light source, on the basis of the coaxial source greatly increased number of leds, increase the light intensity at the same time reduce the light diffusion, the part of the crystal can be fully illuminate. With improving the brightness, parallel coaxial light remains the coaxial light diffuse reflection characteristics, even distribution of light in the object, object details. However, the use of parallel coaxial light source has a strict position demands and brightness. In the process of detection, high brightness of the light will be sent to you by parallel coaxial light projection a semi-permeable half the glass at an Angle of 45 degrees refraction on the tested product. Through the glass reflected light vertical irradiation on the products were detected, and then the light reflection from the product surface through the translucent glass, conduction into the machine vision. Machine vision and the product is in the same horizontal axis and translucent glass, reflective effect so as to eliminate products. Parallel coaxial light brightness is too low, not to look at the light reflection on the product surface, reflective characteristics of the product surface will never clear conduction into the machine vision. And off axis parallel coaxial light, the light will be translucent glass with wide Angle reflection to another location, lead to the failure detection. The correct use of parallel coaxial light source tips is good quality, the coaxial light show 90 degrees with the tested objects placed right Angle. When using parallel coaxial light source for machine vision detection, only need to bear in mind that the above tips, you can complete testing. In addition, some parallel coaxial light source illuminate intensity has set the switch, the machine vision capture shadow is not clear, turned on the light intensity can be as much as possible.
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