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How to determine C mouth or CS interface?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
How to determine C mouth or CS interface? C installation and CS. Both threaded part of the same, but the distance from the lens to the photosensitive surface difference. C installation seat: the distance from the camera installation datum to focus is 17. 526mm。 And CS installation: the installation datum to focus distance is 12. 5mm。 C C mouth mouth lens is generally divided into manual lens and automatic lens: the lens is manually focus, zoom, aperture size is mechanical manual control; Automatic lens is before 3 can control yourself. It in broad sense includes the TV camera, the camera lens, lens, monitoring the bolt of the motion-picture machine lenses, cameras. The difference between CS lens and Cr interface lens C interface ( C - 山) And CS ( CS - 山) Interface lens is one of the most obvious difference between lens and camera exposure to camera photosensitive components ( The CCD/COMS sensors) The location ( The focal plane) The distance is different. This distance professional term is flange focal length, C interface flange focal length is 17. 5 mm, CS interface flange focal length of 12. 5mm。 The two lenses are threaded coupling. In the process of the use of the camera, usually type C standard C interface lens camera, CS by CS type camera lens. But in the process of using C interface can be equipped with a 5 mm thick lens ring and the extension of CS type camera use collocation, and CS type C camera lens and cannot be used. C interface lens without extended circle will cause lens sensor target surface, causing damage of sensors. And CS lens and C is the cause of the camera can't use a combination of camera imaging surface and CCD receives distance too far, can't get focused image.
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