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How to judge the stand or fall of parallel coaxial light source?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Parallel coaxial light source is higher than ordinary coaxial optical parallelism, it USES high power LED, through special condenser lens light distribution, to achieve the effect of parallel light beam. Able to clearly detect reflective surface defects such as scratches, holes, and the good effect is more and more people begin to choose and buy. But in front of the product variety, style diversity, and for a heartbreaker quality and its value. So when choosing light exactly how to judge the stand or fall of coaxial parallel light source? First of all, in contrast, refers to the light and dark areas in an image contrast between the brightest white and the darkest black different brightness levels of measurement, the smaller the smaller the difference range on behalf of the contrast, the greater the difference range represents the greater the contrast. Good parallel coaxial light source can make need to detect the characteristics of the more obvious, outstanding in other areas. Secondly, in terms of robustness: robustness is the means the robustness of the system, can have a good adaptability to the environment. It is the key to survival in the case of abnormal and dangerous system, good parallel coaxial light source needs in the practical work and the same effect in the experiments, the difference is not too big. Third, from the brightness: in the face of a variety of choices, will you choose good parallel coaxial light source is put in the same environment at the same time do a test. Open the power supply, looking at the light irradiation, had better choose one of the brightest. If you have already purchased weak light source brightness, increasing its aperture, and to reduce the depth of field, enhance the effect. Fourth, from the uniformity: the system can work stable at runtime depends on the stand or fall of uniformity. It is feasible to make a good uniform after you use, there will not be too much trouble, affect the system running. Finally, from the maintainability: maintainability refers primarily to the parallel coaxial light source is easy to install, easy to change, the operation is simple. Conclusion above, also should pay attention to life when choosing parallel coaxial light source and its calorific value: life is a place where a product is the most crucial. Life is longer than the parallel coaxial light brightness is not easy to make attenuation too fast, will not affect the system stability, increase the maintenance cost, cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, on the contrary, life is short, the system stability is weak. Calorific value is top priority at the same time, if the calorific value is big, brightness will decay quickly, which affect its life.
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