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How to solve the industrial camera frame phenomenon?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
In machine vision detection, sometimes happens because industrial camera frame phenomenon, and to have a great impact on test results, the industrial camera frame phenomenon is how? How should solve? Causes: left industrial camera frame design bad drivers or industrial camera hardware is the real cause of lost frames: poorly designed industrial camera is lose the frame of the phenomenon, is information channel blockage, cannot be processed in a timely manner, so the new image came in, before a may be forced to discard, or new image was forced to discard. How to solve the problem of industrial camera lost frames? Part 1, industrial camera image sensor send image to the USB chip on the camera, USB and then transmitted to the PC, if PC system is too busy, no time to deal with image, the image sensor and continue to transmit the new image data, then need to be satisfied to industrial camera memory cache, otherwise will lose the frame. 2, visual software program, part of the visual software on waiting for calculation of the image space, are there any buffer mechanism, to increase the image cache rob buffer time, let the program operation in time, but if safe operation conditions, overall CPU processing speed slower than the speed of image came in, the cache is always overload time, there will be a lost frame. 3, PC hardware system part focuses on this part of the PC hardware drivers, has nothing to do with visual software program, the PC receives the most crucial is the power of the driver and how many WINDOWS kernel mode of threads in the division of CPU time, receiving power owe good, industrial camera and no satisfactory buffer memory, will constitute a lost frame. So, when choosing industrial camera, want to learn more about its parameter information, and their matching demand, avoid even the appearance of lost frames.
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