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Industrial camera and lens should be how to match?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
With the development of machine vision industry, in order to better meet the needs of customers matching appropriate lens, Outlines how the industrial camera equipped with the appropriate lens for you, and in the resolution of the camera and lens matching technology solutions. Generally on the model selection of the camera and lens, in terms of resolution matching, the matching relationships between a camera lens and easier to remember, people often use is named for corresponding to the resolution of the camera lens. This way of naming is not science, and at the same time give people new to the visual system has brought a lot of misunderstandings often machinery to millions of pixels corresponding megapixels camera lens, two million pixel resolution camera lens corresponds to two million pixels, while five million pixel resolution camera corresponds to five million pixels. Actually a camera and the lens corresponding not pixel resolution of the camera itself ( Pixels) , but the limits of their spatial resolution ( The transfer function of the MTF the cut-off frequency of the corresponding space) 。 According to the current performance of the public, millions of pixels of the lens corresponding spatial resolution limit of 90 lines/mm, two million pixel lens corresponding spatial resolution limit of 110 lines/mm, five million pixel lens corresponding spatial resolution limit of 160 lines/mm. According to the matching principle, the lens of your camera lens should be greater than or equal to the limit of resolution the ultimate resolution of the camera and lens with mega pixel cameras must be smaller than the limit of resolution 90 lines/mm, two million and five million pixels pixel lens the principle of camera for the same. So how do you know the camera's spatial resolution limit? The spatial resolution limit of the camera is not determined by the resolution of the camera itself, but is decided by a single camera chips like yuan size. Specific calculation formula is as follows: 1 / ( A single like yuan size * 2) , unit: line to/mm, for example, we often use the industrial camera series of VP - gigabit network CCN - 0130 b14bdc, its is 1. 3 million, 1/3 inch of CCD, the individual pixels, size is 3. 75um*3. 75um. This camera spatial resolution limit for: 1 mm/( 3. 75um*2) = 133. 33 lines to/mm spatial resolution by the limit of the lens is greater than the spatial resolution limit of the camera, select five million pixels industrial camera more appropriate.
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