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Industrial camera how to change your life?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
What is a high speed camera? What is a high speed camera? Industrial camera how to change our lives? Popular, we put the acquisition images more than 25 per second camera ( Because the human eye can get pictures per second is not more than 25) , are referred to as the high-speed camera, now science and technology have been able to realize the collection of hundreds of millions of pictures per second, thus high-speed cameras to capture many moments of the human eye can't see the image information. High-speed camera to see? We can see some very, very shock: such as flying bullet, explosion moment, wonderful fighting. Yes, these are taken by high-speed camera, for example, we can take up to 1000 pieces of sports figure, a second and then to the frame rate of 25 per second, so only 1 second period of the movement of the pictures we can use 40 seconds time to appreciate, which can vivid display various details, hence the stunning picture. A bullet through the light bulb moment careful friends may find it useful in life to the high speed camera example: such as using high speed camera to observe the movement of the bees' flying, water droplets in an instant, athlete's action to correct, snowflakes fusion moment, etc. Testing is widely used in the research, such as observe the change of the tensile, material, such as the change of the crystallization quality department for vibration and impact measurement, etc. , the car factory used for observation of vehicle crash test, etc. , the school will use high speed camera to observe the cell state, etc. High speed camera, the influence of industrial use that is more, such as PCB machine vision detection, motion analysis or mechanical operation of the fault diagnosis, etc. Because on the industrial test, artificial detection usually exist the following disadvantages: 1, certain conditions, the personal safety hidden trouble; 2, the change of many factors, and to the human eye fatigue, can't keep on detection precision, prone to error. 3, labor costs increase gradually, increase the cost of production. By using high speed camera, the machine vision technology in automatic production, can realize the production line, can improve the safety of working environment, and the production efficiency, can also reduce costs in the long run. The autofocus video microscope could detect tiny product appearance, very convenient flaw, fast and efficient. With high speed camera more and is well known, more and more popular, the use of the field will be more and more, the impact of our lives will be more and more widely.
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