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Industrial camera in the application of lithium battery pole piece of defect detection

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
In the modern lithium battery production automation, requires production equipment have high stability, high efficiency and high yield performance. Lithium-ion battery pole piece in the process of production, because of the reason of coating machine, rolling machine caused by porosity, foreign bodies, shrinkage cavity, particle bumps, scratches, surface dew aluminum foil, surface defects have black and white and so on, and the stand or fall of pole piece will decide the performance and life of the battery, therefore in the process of production must be strictly for the pole piece quality detection. Artificial detection may be caused by hand touching or breath caused by moisture sheet was damaged. Using machine vision inspection sheet defects can avoid these problems, and real time test results are given. Due to large plate width, precision demand is high, and it is the high-speed movement, so visual inspection system will use a line scan industrial camera, will be the test target to convert image signal and send it to the dedicated image processing system, image processing system for digital image for a variety of operations to extract target feature, and then based on the experience of the preset value output and other conditions, including size, qualified unqualified, with/without, etc. , to realize automatic identification and defect classification, etc. Machine vision detection system and equipment overturns existing artificial visual inspection way, accelerate the process of the industrial automation, reduce the enterprise cost, is also relatively improve detection effect, and detection effect is stable, greatly improved the quality of products.
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