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Industrial camera in the application of the electronic device

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Nowadays, in the field of electronic devices, in order to ensure the highest quality of products, each of the parts, fittings, assembly and packaging need to be verified, industrial camera visual inspection system has also been gradually development, image resolution and processing performance is higher and higher, therefore can meet the high-speed electronics components and devices verification processing requirements. Industrial camera in common used electronic devices: 1, verify the foot of the integrated circuit bit code and identification marks; 2, determine the pick up and mount with the position of the circuit board; 3, validation, the key is in the correct position; 4, validation, integrated circuit volume on the stamping connection terminal; 5, crack, crack, indentation, and discoloration and other surface defects detection; 6, the connection condition of chip such as open circuit, soldering problem, missing parts, etc. Industrial camera in addition to apply to the electronic device, also can be used in industrial inspection, microscopic imaging, visual positioning, etc.
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