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Industrial camera in the application of the gear defect detection

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Gear in the field of mechanical transmission and the entire machinery and its widely used, the quality of its serious impact on the mechanical performance and the stability of the production line. In the gear processing may appear incorrect number of tooth shape, tooth surface edges, asymmetric tooth shape, tooth surface tear, unequal Angle of defects. Gear defect detection system, by the high resolution industrial camera, cargo platform, processor, machine vision software, workbench, etc, using digital image processing technology, to realize the testing automation, replaces the artificial detection, greatly improving the production efficiency. Gear defect detection system with a high resolution camera, which can realize the full range of gear observation, high quality product pictures collected, automated identification size of defects. Gigabit network industrial camera, which can realize high speed transmission, image quality is good, suitable for gear defect detection system.
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