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Industrial camera in the application of the glass defect detection system

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
In making glass forming, under the influence of process, inevitably there will be a bubble, crack, stone and other defects. Due to the width is compared commonly big glass defects most is small, and the glass is generally continuous when rolling, the difficulty of artificial detection, the glass defect detection system is needed for the discriminant. Glass defect detection system is the back light source, light source used in glass is placed on the back of light, the light through the glass to be detected, camera projection into the industry. After vertical incidence light glass, when the glass without impurities, emergent direction will not change, industrial camera target surface detects light is uniform; When the glass contains impurities, emergent light will change, industrial camera target surface detects light will also change. In general glass defect is mainly divided into two kinds: one is light absorption type, such as gravel. Light transmittance of glass, the light of the defect position will become weak, industrial camera target is detected on the surface of light around than to weak; Second, the light transmission type, such as crack, etc. Refracted light in the defect location, the light intensity is bigger than the surrounding, so industrial camera to detect the target surface light also increase accordingly. Industrial camera in glass defect detection system is an important part of, industrial camera selection is very important. Specializing in the production of various types of industrial camera, has a perfect technical solution.
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