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Industrial camera in the application of the hardware processing

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
In metal processing industry, the machine vision system with high resolution camera visual inspection system, well done customers for products of high precision detection requirements, testing content is as follows: 1. The surface sand holes, scratches on test hardware polishing; 2. Identification on test hardware mimeograph, screen printing and pad printing engraved characters information, including: word is not clear, word incomplete and word uneven thickness, as well as the printed word; 3. Hardware location identification; 4. Provide the sand surface brightness data information; Read, size/Angle measurement, inspection, identification of color, shape. For the manufacturing enterprises, the production automation degree is higher and higher, the quality of product is becoming more and more strict, the production efficiency. Using machine vision system equipped with high resolution industrial camera, can realize stable, continuous, reliable product testing, to overcome the artificial detection of fatigue, individual differences, and poor repeatability, can help enterprises to enhance the level of product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs. With the development of manufacturing industry, machine vision will get greater development and extensive application.
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