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Industrial camera in the metal pieces of the application of the visual inspection system

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Machine vision system is mainly by industrial camera lens, visual light and image processing system, the current is applied to the more and more appearance test scenario, but also because of its stability, low cost, can be continuous 24 hours work etc, deeply welcome from all walks of life. In the production of metal products, can appear the flaws such as scratches, visual inspection system using the industrial camera resolution 5 million and prime lens, cooperate avision line array of software defect detection function, need only a tool, simply adjust the parameters, and can quickly test results are given. Avision software due to its characteristics of modular, intelligent, even before have no contact with the personnel of image processing, and also can be used in accordance with the instructions to fit, validation, saving technical personnel's time cost, promote the project quickly. If you currently have the relevant application requirements, contact us. We can offer you detection scheme.
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