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Industrial camera lens compared with ordinary lens rendering

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
Industrial camera lens is parallel to the optical path design, is mainly designed to correct the traditional industrial camera parallax, it can within a certain distance, make the image magnification won't change, that will not produce nearly coscodl small, the situation on the surface of the measured object is not the same thing is very important to the application. Industrial camera is suitable for testing thickness of pore size, measurement of edge extraction demanding applications, sizing industry. A, industrial camera figure 1 compared with ordinary industrial small aperture lens with industrial camera images taken. Industrial camera lens parallel light characteristics, to ensure that the pore size measurement will not produce shadows, contour data accurate, clear, do not need to do too much correction of image. Figure 2 with normal lens of images. Because ordinary camera vision, focusing on error, aperture walls are prone to shadow, to extract the inner hole edge, inaccurate data, the accuracy is not high. 2, industrial camera lens compared with ordinary industrial lens gear left camera lens for industry gears, due to the characteristic of the industrial camera features, there is no visual error, ensure that made clear edges and outer gear gear of the pore size, the data is true, there is no aperture visible inside and outside diameter distortion phenomenon, don't need to image correction. Right from ordinary lens gear industry, common due to the visual error exists, namely: the light and imaging of the light is not parallel light design. Lens out of the picture, gear aperture lining is visible, the entire gear along the center bulge, pore diameter and the outer edge data is not real. Need correction, complicated algorithm and filming location deviation, is not the same as the pictures will follow, and because industrial camera lens is parallel light design, there is no such problem. Three, industrial camera lens and ordinary industrial lens mold contrast (left), using ordinary lens, due to the visual error and the focus, so when filming plastic mold of the air holes ( The red circle) , the lining is visible, edge extraction is not clear, have the phenomenon of shadow, affect recognition, data is not accurate. On the right, with the industrial camera lens, because the industrial camera lens has parallel light industrial camera features, there is no visual error, when filming plastic moulds of air holes so ( The red circle) , the lining of the edge is clear, accurate data. Taken round hole ( Green) When the hole edge is clear, easy to detect the burr, and aperture size, etc.
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