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Industrial camera selection and choice

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Introduced in the wave of lens industrial development, for the selection of the industrial camera and choice, what are the methods and steps? Lens optical below small make up to share the industry selection and selection method, for reference only. First, make sure the camera interface, and the size of the target surface size and resolution. C interface, for is two-thirds of the camera, and 5 million pixels; So we can make sure the need of industrial camera is C interface, at least two-thirds support, more than 5 million pixels, or a line of lp in 160. Second, determine the scope of the vision to achieve by ( FOV) And the working distance ( WD) Then, in accordance with the requirements of the two industry and known target surface size calculated the focal length of the lens ( f) 。 Its computation formula is: the focal length f = WD x target surface size ( H、V) / FOV( H、V) FOV (field H、V) WD = x target surface size ( H、V) / focal length f field FOV ( H、V) Target surface size (= H、V) WD = f (work/optical ratio distance The focal length) X target surface size/FOV ( H、V) Optical target surface ratio = size ( H、V) / FOV( H、V) WD, for vision is 100 * 100 mm. Is 500 mm; Then we start with working distance the focal length of the lens to determine industry under 50 mm ( Industrial way of naming the PMS - lens 5018 m, the previous letters POMES/brand, 50 indicates the focal length 50 mm, 18, said maximum aperture) On the market, industry lens focal length is 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm. Coupled with the camera target size below to determine which type of industry the focal length of lens is smaller, the greater the viewing Angle, vision is more accordingly. If the target surface is 2/3 can choose industry the focal length of 35 mm lens; Target surface 1/2 requires industrial lens, the focal length of 25 mm or smaller. 。 。 。 And so on. In the process of industrial camera selection and choice, in order to facilitate industrial camera parameters calculated for each friend, now provides the target surface size table for your reference. 1. 1 inch - — Target surface size for width 12 mm * 12 mm, diagonal mm1 17 inches - — Target surface size of 12. 7 * 9 mm. 6 mm, diagonal 16 was / 3 inches - — Target surface size for wide. 8 mm * 6. 6 mm, diagonal 11 mm1/1. 8 inches - — Target surface size of 7 wide. 2 mm * 5. 4 mm, 9 mm1/2 inches diagonally - — Target surface size of 6 wide. 4 mm * 4. 8 mm, diagonal 8 mm1/3 inches - — Target surface size of width 4. 8 mm * 3 high. 6 mm, diagonal line 6 mm1/4 inches - — Target surface size of 3. 2 * 2 mm. 4 mm, diagonal 4 mm
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