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Industrial CCD camera chip target surface size should be how to calculate?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Photosensitive device are the components of an industrial camera used for photographic imaging, equivalent to the traditional optical camera film. To understand the CCD size, first need to understand, in the eyes of the engineer what is the definition of '1 inch'? The general specification is 1 inch long CCD size = 12. 8 x width 9 mm. 6 mm = diagonal is 16 mm in the corresponding area. Through the Pythagorean theorem. Can be concluded that the triangle for 4:3:5 proportion of the third side, In other words, I do not need to give you full area parameter, as long as give you the triangle side length of the longest, you can through the simple theorem scaling back. And area of diagonal length is 16 divided by the denominator. Has the fixed unit of CCD Size is easy to understand the remaining CCD Size proportion defines, for example: 1) 1/2 CCD diagonal is half of the 1 to 8 mm, area of about a quarter; 2) Quarter CCD diagonal is 1 1/4, namely to 4 mm, covers an area of about 1/16. The current trend is on the premise of the CCD size remains the same even reduce, as far as possible to increase the number of pixels in the sensor, in order to satisfy the requirement of pixels are endless. Adds pixels CCD size remains the same, however, means that the loss of a single pixel to capture the light, which can lead to increase the dynamic range, color reduction, reducing noise and other issues. The CCD/CMOS dimension, the greater the photosensitive area, the greater the imaging effect is better. The same size of the CCD/CMOS pixel increase is a good thing, but it can also lead to a single pixel of photosensitive area is narrow, the possibility of underexposed. But if the increase in CCD/CMOS pixels to maintain the existing image quality at the same time, must remain at least increase with the decrease of on the basis of a single pixel area is not the area of the CCD/CMOS. Photosensitive device directly affects the size of the industry the volume weight of the camera. Ultrathin, super light general CCD/CMOS camera size is small, and the more professional camera, CCD/CMOS size. So say: SENSOR when calculating the size, it is not calculated on the length of a simple conversion unit ( Length scale is: 1 inch = 25. 4毫米) But by the 1 inch = 16 mm.
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