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Industrial lens cleaning and maintenance experience

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Industrial camera is a more sophisticated products, the lens are used the coating technology, its appearance is very delicate. Use time long need regular cleaning, good maintenance can prolong the service life of the lens, clean lens can guarantee the perfect results, obtain high definition, high contrast images. But improper cleaning can damage at the grass-roots level or lens polishing surface and special mulch, damage on the surface of the glass or cover can reduce performance in all applications, check for device manufacturers determine the proper care and cleaning procedures. Industrial lens cleaning and maintenance, of course, is not so easy just wipe with a cloth. Here to teach you a few industrial lens cleaning and maintenance tips: 1. Keep the edges of the hand-held camera, don't touch the surface of the lens with your fingers. Sometimes moisture damage on the finger of a lens cover, and if the finger for a long time stay on the surface of the lens, it becomes a permanent stain. Even if you put on the gloves, also want to avoid touching the lens surface; 2. Don't use metal tools or pliers handle lens. Through the use of wood, bamboo and plastic tool to deal with the lens will reduce the chance for the lens damage. For a small camera can be used with vacuum pen; 3. Keep the camera placed onto the surface of the soft, especially if the optical surface is raised. Rest place to hard scratches on the surface of the table will cause; 4. For camera system or assembly, cover when did not use a lens cover can protect the optical surface is not damaged; 5. In the camera requires a separate storage in a clean, soft lenses box parcel and placed in a safe place. Don't put no parcel lens together in a box or bag, because they will touch each other damage. Don't put them under the weight of. Daily lens, is not the same as every day to clean the lens, lens surface tiny area of the dust, stains, effects on imaging are not too big, we don't expect can wipe out the camera just a factory. For the relatively small caliber, gas can blow off the dust on the surface of the lens, if there are any blow out large stain, can use a lens cloth wipe gently, Blow after the first brush, the order cannot be wrong, also cannot little steps) 。 If need to use lens water clean lens, to prepare in advance of cotton. Do 3 - first Five small cotton ball, pressed into the pie, size will be subject to mirror a third, prepare 3 - again Five big cotton ball, also pressed into the pie, size of mirror two-thirds of the area. Dip in with cotton ball smaller lens a little amount of water, from the center to spiral wipe the lens surface, then, while the lens water wet, with large cotton balls in the same way to wipe. Special note: if your industrial camera or video camera can be an external filter, or with a UV lens is better, can effectively prevent dust, protect the role of the lens.
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