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Industrial zoom lens and prime lens of different applications

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Industrial camera has a zoom lens and prime lens, for a specific application type, many people may have some choice, this article to introduce the industrial zoom lens and prime lens, the application of selection can be used as a reference. Industrial fixed focus, zoom lens selection depends on the size of the measured range of scenarios, as well as the required measured scene and clarity of the picture. For general zoom lens, usually the minimum focal length is 4. 0 mm or so, the zoom lens viewing Angle is about 45 °, the largest such as this type of lens used in narrow monitoring environment, the monitoring blind Angle will increase, so in this environment, unfavorable use zoom lens. In the open monitoring environment, first of all should be based on open degree, degree of clear images, as well as the center to the linear distance between the camera lens for reference. In the linear distance must be monitored and met to cover the entire scene images under the premise of should consider to choose as far as possible long focal length prime lens, it can get a picture on the monitor in the end of the system has a clear details of the scene. Also can consider to choose zoom lens, which can be according to the requirements of the system design and system performance and low cost decision, also should consider when choose: (two points 1) When the focus to the shortest ( See a panoramic view) Should be able to meet the requirements of covered mainly by monitoring scene picture; ( 2) When the focus to the longest ( See the details) Should be able to meet the requirements of observation is monitoring scene picture detail. In general, in the indoor warehouse, workshop, workshop, and other general environment chooses 6 times or more than 10 times the lens can meet the requirements, and in the outdoor area, dock, square, station, such as environment, 10 times could be selected according to the actual requirements, 16 or 20 times the camera ( Usually, the larger the lens, the higher the price, can be on the premise of considering system allows cost, appropriate chooses high-expansion zoom lens) 。
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