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Intelligent thermometer face recognition application

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Provinces and cities to return to work and production of enterprises, make stream of people together, in order to prevent the outbreak spread again, companies need to be control plan, temperature testing personnel to make the prevention and control of the first crossing. But to have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of employees for big factory, the ordinary handheld thermometer, detection efficiency too slow, the serious influence production efficiency. 经前综合症, AI025D intelligent face recognition thermometer USES the avionics big target surface infrared thermal imager, a resolution of 640 * 480, can realize long distance, a wide range of non-contact non-inductive measurement, 2 - More than 6 m range, non-inductive efficient, single temperature detection speed < 0. 1 s。 System can quickly screening abnormal body temperature, automatic alarm temperature anomalies. And it can realize wearing a mask, face recognition, complete attendance clock in demand, reduce the risk of cross infection. An intelligent face recognition thermometer, only a worker can monitor implementation, convenient operation, not only can be applied to large number of factories, hospitals, office unit, supermarkets, schools and other crowded places.
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