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Led to absorb dome light, how to access strip light?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Bar strip light because of their special structure, can provide higher brightness and intensity of light source, so many production enterprises in the testing of the product. Also some production process need to suck with led light bar access to the top, then how to strive for and correct will strip light source through? Here, take a look at the correct access led to absorb dome light steps. 1, first of all, before the ready access to the bar light must ensure that the relevant facilities have shut down the power supply. Because they involve electrician operation matters if charged homework will give personal bring security hidden danger, accident that one thousand will be irreparable loss, so as far as operation, related to the electric power must keep in mind first. Secondly, tag position, after sure have power to select and good visual the location of the need to install the led to absorb dome light, and use colored markers in preparing light point ready access to the bar. This can prevent linking bad because of the wrong way, and can improve the work efficiency. After tag will need to use the next expansion screws to absorb dome light fixed on the installation location. The last 3, access to the bar when the dome light after installation, use the reserved in advance a good part of the wire, connect the led dome light and bar light source. In this step, it is important to note that to ensure the connection between the two no mistake, avoid the leakage in use process happen in the future, buried safe hidden trouble for the safety production. The above three aspects is to strip light led to absorb dome light access to the correct operating mode, once completed the final step, should be to do a detailed inspection, see if wire connection, absorb dome light is fixed firmly, and so on. If confirmed, so this time can be set on the chimney of dome light, and see whether can normal electricity power supply is connected.
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