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Lies will now macro lens advantages in application

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Macro lens ( 微距镜头) Is a special lens used for macro photography, it is mainly used for very small objects, such as flowers and insects. To very close to the subject can also correct focus, macro lens is usually designed to stretch longer, so that the optical center as far as possible away from the sensor, on the design of the lens groups at the same time, also must pay attention to the deformation under close control and color difference. Most of the macro lens focal length is greater than the standard lens, can be classified as a telescopic lens, but may be in the optical design of telescopic lens commonly, so it is not completely applicable to the general photography. Magnification is one of the basic specifications of macro lens, used for imaging and physical size ratio, when the physical size of 2 cm objects, in 1 cm long when the size of the image is formed on the focal plane, at this moment magnification is 1:2, or about to 0. 5, usually a dedicated macro lens can be 1:1 magnification. Macro lens is usually a prime lens, so that can take advantage of the change of the distance between the photographer and subject way, change the magnification when shooting. Now there are some lens which has macro capability, this kind of the special lens magnification is 1:2, most often are not equal to a dedicated macro lens, optical design but to demand not so strong, or general users of economic strength is not enough, is also a kind of feasible alternatives. The obvious advantages in the field of high precision detecting, lens ML series macro lens specially designed for macro imaging, designed to meet the macro accurate imaging, extremely low distortion, high performance design, 12 million pixels high.
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