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Machine vision applications of ITO detection

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
With the development of technology, people are increasingly demanding of interaction experience of electronic products. Manufacturers of electronic products production control is becoming more and more strict, the touch screen production process is complex, from the upper reaches of the ITO glass coating, lithography, IC components processing, to the middle of the touch screen module, laminating, screen printing, cutting, to the downstream of the touch screen module, joint detection, flat glass, puts forward higher requirements to process, make machine vision technology related link technology necessary for production and quality testing. ITO thin film with high electrical conductivity, high transmittance of visible light, belongs to the special printing line, and with the naked eye can't identify with the ordinary light source so impossible to detect, clear images, high resolution telecentric lens with a high depth of field, a variety of light source is optional, can obtain uniform high-definition images. Machine vision system has been used in various industries of production equipment, the power industry to upgrade equipment, improve the level of production line technology, improve product quality and yield, is one of the core technology of modern industry. Machine vision technology has been widely applied to the touchscreen, semiconductor, PCB, robot and factory automation, automobile manufacturing and other industries, greatly improve the product quality, reduce production costs, eventually ascending humans to industrial products of material and spiritual satisfaction.
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