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Machine vision camera for the enterprise to provide diversified choices

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Throughout the industry development, automation, intelligence has become the inevitable development trend of industrial production, and automatic inspection also become the industry's first choice. Automatic detection refers to the use of optical and computer technology, the machine to automatically detect the quality of the products. In automated production industry, the application of automatic test equipment can greatly improve the quality of products, reduce customer complaints and return rate, enhance customer satisfaction, improve the enterprise's core competitiveness. The machine vision camera is the most common testing equipment, according to its use in different ways, in general, we can divide it into on-line quality monitoring and off-line quality detection. For example, in the printing quality detection, on-line monitoring is used on printing machine, and a simultaneous printing, in the beginning of defect generation is found and automatic alarm, can effectively reduce loss, reduce rejection rate, cost savings for the enterprise. Offline detection is used on the rewinding machine, is the process of product inspection. At the same time, because only by the traditional way can not effectively control the quality of the products, some enterprises have realized the importance of cost and improve the quality control, are introducing machine vision automation testing equipment. Cost and quality are two of the most important factors of enterprise core competitiveness, effective cost control can reduce the cost of enterprise, enhance competitiveness, excellent product quality can make the enterprise to obtain high customer satisfaction, win the trust of customers. Automatic quality testing equipment and can effectively help enterprises to realize the above two points, opening up new market opportunities for customers to lay the solid foundation. In today's rapid economic development, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, to be in an impregnable position in the fierce competition, not eliminated by the market, strict quality control, the products of high quality is enterprise's core competitiveness, and machine vision automation testing equipment will be the inevitable choice of enterprises. On-line quality monitoring to detect defects occurring in the process of printing, avoid a lot of waste. And workers don't have to worry about because of the high speed printing to effectively monitor the quality of products, can effectively improve production speed, improve the productivity. Automatic quality testing speed, high efficiency, and can realize the whole detection, so we think the automatic quality inspection in the use of label printing, and other enterprises is just beginning, there must be broad prospects for development.
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