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Machine vision can fully replace the artificial detection

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
When the naked eye can't accurately distinguish true and false quality products, highly intelligent machine vision equipment has become an alternative of choice. The speeding up of manufacturing automation, lead to all sorts of parts size, size, defects and cosmetic defects detection is becoming more and more strict, traditional subscribe to the naked eye can't satisfy the detection requirements of high speed precise detection root. So efficient and accurate, stable performance, intelligent automatic machine vision inspection system is widely used in various manufacturing fields. With the increasing maturity of the machine vision technology, more and more manufacturing enterprises to consider how to use machine vision to help production line to achieve automatic identification of inspection, measuring and function, such as to improve efficiency and reduce cost, so as to maximize production efficiency. Machine vision can fully replace the artificial detection, need is divided into two aspects, one is the cost, the second is technology. If the enterprise must carry on the machine vision inspection instead of human eyes, need an upgrade, it is more difficult for small and medium enterprises, at the same time the use of machine vision detection after also need the talented person, this is another a spending. Therefore, the current machine vision inspection instead of human eyes only appear in part of the strength of large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) unless there is a must to upgrade the need to replace, otherwise will not consider. Compared with the cost, the technology is the limit of machine vision detection instead of human eyes detection key reasons, the current through the application of machine vision detection, lighting is a difficult point, if the picture let a person see more carefully to give as a result, the algorithm is too difficult. Conversely if the good lighting, prominent feature to detect, algorithm is not difficult things. Machine vision detection are very big compared with people on intelligence, mainly reflected in the expectations of defect recognition. Machine vision is now given some specific defect mode, to identify them exactly have occurred. That sometimes there are some obvious flaws, but because did not happen before or occurrence mode diversification, which is not stored in machine vision system specific information, resulting in machine vision to detect leak; Such mistakes artificial test, even if not seen this defect before, but through his own judgment, there is still a great chance to find. There are many smart camera supplier, there are also many analysis software suppliers, although released software algorithm each have their respective characteristics, but really with it, they are identical in function. But all is according to fixed patterns and steps to deal with the camera to obtain images, went up from image analysis of a certain expected characteristics, thus gives the discriminant result, not a revolutionary intelligent algorithm. Machine vision detection in the short term is short of human recognition of all wisdom, because the image analysis algorithm related theory are still not ready. However, machine vision detection compared to the human eye has a great advantage, is stability. Manual testing by the naked eye, even design a good system of rewards and punishments, also likely miss rate, while machine vision detection will not appear because of the negligence of targets. Factory inspection, therefore, most in need of stability test, machine vision detection is better than the human eye, even if appeared above special defects in the algorithm, that is, after all, the little probability event, frequent defect machine vision detection was able to find. In terms of cost at the same time, with the development of machine vision, the price decline, will be able to get a higher popularity, for now, the general factory four divisions need four operators, costs are more than 200000, the year and almost 200000 can make a set of machine vision. So, machine vision detection instead of manual detection, is a kind of trend, will be more and more popular, at present, the main reasons for the restriction is that machine vision detection intelligent enough. Machine vision fully replace manual testing, it will be a long progress.
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