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Machine vision gradually rise to foster growth fertile soil industrial robots

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
With the rapid development of manufacturing industry in our country, the Chinese local enterprises also gradually rise, there was a batch of machine vision research and development production enterprise that has particular actual strength. At the same time, the machine vision application scope expanding gradually, industrial robots become a land for the further development of the industry. 4. The era, the factory automation equipment can only deal with precise location, usually don't like artificial can handle simple deviation. And machine vision can shorten this gap. In 2016, according to public information, China machine vision market totaled 3. 8 billion yuan, nearly 5 annual compound growth rate of 26. 6%. Throughout the industry development in our country, the Chinese machine vision industry started relatively late, initially used in electronic and semiconductor industry, also has the rise of 'foreign machine vision is largely due to the semiconductor industry development'. Because, the semiconductor industry, such as solder paste printing machine, SMT machine, AOI inspection such equipment must use high performance machine vision components. But under the push of social modernization process, machine vision industry has passed the initial period of development in the Chinese market. With China's labor costs rise, demographic dividend has shifted, authors transformation efficiency and manufacturing demand will boost domestic machine vision into the fast lanes. International famous brands are not only doing business in China, Chinese enterprises are also gradually rise, there was a batch of machine vision research and development production enterprise that has particular actual strength. In addition, the machine vision application range is gradually expanding, from the first electronics manufacturing and semiconductor manufacturing enterprises, the development in packaging, automotive, transportation, and printing and other industries. Based on forward-looking industry institute released the machine vision industry development prospects and investment analysis report, according to data machine vision market scale up to 3, 2015. $500 million, accounting for global 8. 3%, the growth of 22. 2%, the world's largest, China has become the world after the United States and Japan's third largest machine vision market. 2016 - In 2020, China machine vision market growth is expected to stay above 20%, will reach $1 level market space. Including the application of machine vision in the aspect of industrial robot is more common. In recent years, especially the rapid development of industrial robots, robot has been driving the surge of the machine vision market demand. In May 2016 the world congress of robots in a news conference, xiaohong, vice minister Mao Weiming letter, according to the intelligent manufacture as the key work in the future, the department set 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning of industrial robot industry in our country, get more policy support for the robot key components research and development production and marketing. Especially in the current high-end equipment manufacturing as the core of smart industries 4. Under the background of the era, with the deepening of the made in China 2025 strategy, explosive growth momentum of industrial robot industry market, and serves as the role of industrial robots 'critical' machine vision. For the robot, machine vision gives its precision operation system and processing system, simulation of biological visual image and way of processing information, let more personification of the flexible manipulator operation, at the same time, comparison, processing scenario, generate executes instructions, then you would make the action. Thus, as one of the important parts of intelligent robot, especially visual robot, machine vision for robots their flexibility and operability of decisive significance. Can foresee a fusion along with the development of machine vision and robots, robot visual will occupy the important intelligent equipment field over the next ten years.
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