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Machine vision light source selection method

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Different light can affect the image of imaging effect and quality, so manufacturers need to choose a most suitable for machine vision lighting, such ability by the light source of high accuracy and stability to ensure that the quality of the products. So, for the enterprise, to buy light in addition to the need to know when the machine vision light a good quality, to know more about the following these choices. 1, contrast contrast for machine vision is a very important key factor, because only the high contrast of machine vision light source to better the product features to distinguish between image features and needs to be ignored, thus let the machine easier to identify unqualified products, increase the accuracy of the test. So be sure to choose the visual light source with high contrast. 2, brightness when buying machine vision lighting, should try to buy the product with high brightness. Because if the brightness of the light source is not enough, then the image contrast to reach requirement, so the noise in the image on the increase, at the same time the light source brightness is not enough when shooting will also increase the aperture, so as to reduce the depth of field, thus increase the visual identification of the machine. 3, sensitivity, and finally, when buying machine vision lighting, also should choose the sensitivity to parts position the smallest light source products. Because only sensitivity to small, no matter which Angle of light source is placed in the camera vision, and will not let the image changes, on the other hand, if the high sensitive, at the time of filming will mirror reflection on the highlighted area, then it is bad for the next step of product feature extraction and image. To introduce the content of the above is to choose machine vision lighting can refer to several methods. Top light after put into use of machine vision can be better to find the characteristics of the product and its image, so must choose to produce maximum contrast, provides the highest brightness, and sensitivity to component position is not high visual light source, which can better improve detection precision, so as to improve the quality of products inspection.
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